The Divine Feminine Way – Awakening to the Beneficial Wholeness of Whole Brain Thinking

For 1000’s of years we have now appeared out to the heavens or inside ourselves to ponder God’s nature. Within the strategy of in search of into an enormous vacancy we have now forgotten concerning the sacred energy of the current second which is creatively taking place by us and on the earth round us. It’s time for us all to maneuver past tradition’s left mind give attention to a disembodied and transcendent God, a spotlight which has break up aside spirit and matter (mom). It’s time to convey God again the fullness of all that exists.

In Western cultures men and women are taught to stay of their minds (left mind) and to doubt their very own intuitive and instinctive data (proper mind). By primarily valuing the left mind hemisphere, we turn into disconnected from our our bodies and from nature and we restrict our potential creativity and our mental flexibility to completely expertise and perceive our lives and the world.

Entire Mind Pondering – Honoring the Divine Female How can we perceive and expertise the character of God in her Divine Female features of fullness and love whereas nonetheless honoring her Divine Masculine features of vacancy and freedom? We are able to start by turning into extra consciously conscious in each day life. Then, as we mature and evolve in ability and knowledge, we are going to be taught to attach with the everlasting, cosmic thoughts of God. Most will discover that they’ve reversed this course of due to our tradition’s predominate give attention to a distant God who dwells in Heaven. Both path nonetheless results in the One in order that the important process is to mix after which combine the 2 features of God to kind one entire, non-dual perspective.

“Whenever you search to know God, you’ll know nothing and all the things on the identical time.”

What’s Entire Braining Pondering? Entire mind considering is the power to make use of each the left and the correct mind adeptly. The corpus callosum facilitates this connection – a big band of neural fibers that connects the 2 cerebral hemispheres. This connecting band of tissue in ladies is thicker than in males, elevating the query, “How is a girl’s manner of experiencing God going to be influenced by this thicker bridge between the 2 hemispheres?” As a result of ladies have an enhanced means to make use of each left and proper mind hemispheres, ladies have essentially the most to supply in therapeutic the break up between the masculine manner of understanding God (vacancy and freedom) with the female manner of understanding God (fullness, love and the current second).

What’s the Divine Female Strategy to God? The female IS the core of creation that’s LOVE. Creation, love and the Divine Female are one and the identical. Each lady instinctively is aware of that she is on the heart of this nice artistic thriller that’s unfolding within the second. The Divine Female features of God put us in contact with our personal our bodies, our personal imagery and our personal fact and in so doing we awaken to what’s significant in our lives. She values all issues as essential to the well being of the entire and acknowledges our mutual connectedness. Her fearless embrace of feeling within the current second can remind us of the unbelievable thriller and sacred energy of life.

“Non-dual realization embraces each vacancy (masculine) and matter/kind (female) features. “Being” and “turning into” are each components of a non-dual, self realization.”

What Does the Divine Female Worth? The Divine Female values all matter – residing beings and nonliving pure objects and in addition each a part of all issues – as essential to the well being of the entire. She acknowledges our mutual interdependence and connectedness to all issues for survival, well-being and evolutionary vibrancy. She locations quite a lot of significance on having good relationships based mostly on mutual cooperation and she or he makes use of intuitive, instinctive data.

Shifting Into Entire Mind Pondering When men and women bear in mind what the Divine Female actually values, we notice we should embody all views to realize an understanding of the wholeness and connectedness of life. To take action we should dive fearlessly into the thriller of the ache and struggling that’s a part of the nice female initiation into the cycles of creation. We honor the Nice Mom Goddess once we embrace life as it’s. She embodies the knowledge of forgiveness and turns us to what’s hidden in darkness to be reborn in a strong new manner. We are able to then give attention to the current second the place something is feasible and no separation exists if we hearken to and reply courageously to our intuitive knowledge.

With better understanding of the variations between proper and left mind considering and appreciation of what the divine female values, we have now the chance to return to the useful wholeness of each the masculine (ascending) and female (descending) features of God united in oneness.

“The one technique to rework vacancy is to develop totally on the earth of kind. The transcendent and immanent worlds should taste one another within the car you had been born with.” – Ken Wilber

Integrating Divine Female and Masculine Ideas Into Your Life Reawakening to the divine female is a union of embodying her rules in our each day lives in addition to intellectually integrating and together with the brilliant gentle of masculine consciousness. We mix these two by: 1. Having fun with the world with our 5 senses whereas utilizing our sixth sense – intuitive data. Intuitive data makes one thing recognized by focusing our consideration on common data or collective consciousness. 2. Seeing the components then integrating and mixing them to kind a complete. Western cultures train the scientific methodology of separating the components from the entire and calling them fact. As we broaden our data, we be taught that simply because one thing appears true, doesn’t suggest it is the one fact or absolute fact. 3. Being and Changing into – studying to meditate, pray or ponder whereas staying in current time, in our our bodies, for our personal wants in addition to the second’s. 4. Touring deeply into house to expertise vacancy, oneness and freedom after which returning and going deeply into the cycles and thriller of creation so as to turn into empowered and reborn in a brand new manner. We are able to grasp ascending (masculine technique to God) and descending (female technique to God) on the identical time.

Workouts for Changing into Extra Entire Brained Folks use to say in case you had been logical, you had been undoubtedly left-brained, and in case you had been artistic, you had been undoubtedly right-brained. That is not the case. New analysis signifies that there is extra flexibility in our brains and we are able to prepare our brains to turn into extra organized, artistic or higher in a position to course of all kinds of data. Figuring out the place our strengths and weaknesses are will help us strengthen the weaker hemisphere. Listed here are some methods to strengthen the left or proper hemispheres:

Left Mind Workouts 1. Make lists – One methodology of moving into particulars is to stipulate what should be finished. Chew sized chunks of each day duties are a wonderful technique to have interaction the left hemisphere and in addition to beat apparently unattainable hurdles. 2. Pay attentions to particulars – The left hemisphere is about particulars and linear considering. Discover the small print within the surrounding setting and join to what’s taking place by the facility of statement. 3. Change your rapid setting – Altering environment is a chance to vary considering as a result of the thoughts won’t have its acquainted setting to cue it into outdated habits. Create an setting that has lovely, calming, and gratifying particulars.

Proper Mind Workouts 1. Maintain the larger image in thoughts – Take time to turn into conscious of the better scheme of life and bigger reoccurring patterns. 2. Artistic visualization – Be taught to give up the chatter within the thoughts and to permit the spatial, holistic and rather more unconscious proper mind do its work. Meditation and contemplative practices are helpful strategies to give up the left mind. 3. Apply spatial rotation workouts – The proper mind is concerned in spatial duties in addition to holistic imaginative and prescient. Think about objects rotating in house. Maintain a transparent picture of the thing whereas it’s shifting. 4. Be taught to belief intuitive info – Enable the correct mind the chance to perform by reflecting on distinctive and artistic ideas. Honor the insights obtained by day desires, visions and imaginings. Calm down and luxuriate in their artistic potentialities.